I dont Work Out.

Have y’all seen this floating around the internet or various media outlets?

Maria-Kang-issues-First-and-Final-Apology-for-Whats-your-excuse-postGood for her. Can we all clap our hands for her? For showing us how it’s done? I don’t mean to belittle her fantastically toned, lean looking figure after having 3 boys. I’m sure it took work and a lot of it. It might also have taken some genetics. It definitely took time, and time is EXTREMELY hard to come by if you are spending it on your child. I don’t know where she gets it–maybe she has a nanny. Maybe her husband watches them. Maybe she pays for a babysitter while she hits the gym.

I don’t have these things. No nanny. No gym (I hate them anyway). No husband who is home for regular long hours it would take to work out like this–he works very hard, long hours supporting us. No time.

Even if I did have time, I hate gyms. HATE them. Always have. I prefer to be outside. I’m fine in a yoga or dance class, but otherwise I’m happier in fresh air. Or happier at home.

There are so many ways and theories about how to be fit & what’s best for the body. I have crossfitting, paleo friends. I have vegan yogi friends. I have marathon running, carb counting & loading friends. There’s Barre, and Spin, and Spinyoga, and Pilates. There’s Jillian, Tracy Anderson, BodyrockTV, and P90x. Basically, there are a billion options to be fit. If you already have one that works for you, no need to waste your time reading this.

If not, read on. What I like best about it is that I’m not working out. I’m working more movement into my day. As my son grows, he’ll learn this healthy habit too. More movement in daily life means that I am gently giving my body a chance to heal as I strengthen it while creating a healthy habit for both of us now and down the road. So here goes.

When Easton is awake we do these things, intermittently throughout the day.

photo 1-1I usually do squats with my 18 pound (YES! 18 pounds at 12 weeks!!!) in intervals of 25 throughout the day. I probably get in about 100 most days of the week. This has helped immensely in strengthening my pelvic floor post baby.

photo 2-1Planks & push ups. As a side note, if you do planks and push-ups, get your significant other to take a picture while you do it so you can critique your sloppy form. Note mine above: Butt should go down a couple inches, shoulders should flatten more. Belly button toward the back waist. Lengthen through the neck.

Planks are amazing core strengtheners, but work to strengthen the whole body. I do these 5 times a day for 30 seconds or so while talking to Easton & trying to make him grin. It’s much harder while cooing at a baby!

photo 4-1More corework + tummy time for Easton in a way that he doesn’t hate!  We do this (mini crunch/butt-ups) for me while playing airplane with him. I usually do 25-40 reps at a time depending on how Easton is enjoying the plane ride.

In addition to these moves, his nursery is upstairs, so every time I want to change a diaper or clothes or do laundry, I’m wearing him up and down the stairs. We also try to fit in a 1-3 mile walk depending on weather everyday. It’s Spring in Colorado, so whether we can go out or not is anyone’s guess on any given day.  When we can’t get out for a walk, I walk him around the house, pointing out new things for him to explore. Kitchen cabinets! Silverware! Plants! Closets! These things are all so exciting you know.

And finally there is yoga. I sneak in stretches whenever I see him stretch, and 15-20 minute asana sessions when he naps probably about 4-5 times a week. I aim for daily, but sleep is my yoga sometimes. After all, yoga is the union between mind and body, and both function better when rested.

So there you have it. How we move through our days. And a hint at how we move through our nights (anyone note the crib stuffed full of laundry?!). That was a waste of money, so far anyway. Maybe we’ll get more use out of it in a year. For now we both sleep best next to each other in bed.

And speaking of, my little guy is waking up beside me, so we will see you next week when we get back!


What do you do to stay fit and fit more movement into your daily life?

With Love from Colorado,

K & E




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2 Months? 3 Reasons.

IMG_2166So, I’m just a tad late in posting this. A tad…. Because on Tuesday, my little guy will be 12 weeks. I aim to start writing again 3 times a week. I’ve been putting it off. For several reasons.


1. Time. I’ve worked over 35 jobs. I quit counting after that. When I was teaching high school English, I also was a waitress and taught 3 yoga classes a week. That was a ton of hours per week spent working. I used to think. Because being a “Stay at Home Mom” (SAHM) is many more hours. Especially if you are also a breastfeeding mom. Who can’t pump. Who breastfeeds on demand, and whose little one was just shy of doubling his birthweight at 2 months:

IMG_2168(That’s weight, height/length, and head circumference.)  I spend most of my day AND night feeding this kid. And changing diapers. When I am not feeding him or changing diapers, I am singing to him; coaxing him to do tummy time; taking him for walks; talking to him; wearing him; and cuddling him when he lets me. Being a SAHM is a completely inaccurate title. It’s a lot of work. It’s the most rewarding work I have ever done, but it is A LOT of work. Without breaks.


2. Sleep. They say, “Sleep When the Baby Sleeps”.  But when the baby sleeps I usually am trying to do laundry, dishes, plan & prep meals, clean, and keep up on basic work from home. Sometimes, I can’t help but to nap with him or stare at him while he sleeps sweetly in my arms. There is not much sleep, and I don’t think clearly because of it–so writing is “meh” at best. I’m sorry for my incoherence.

3. Weighty Issues. I have promised to blog about my weight loss journey, and this blog is largely about health & fitness (in body, mind, & spirit). In the name of promises, here was my two month progress:

IMG_2175I’ve lost about 30 pounds–depending on the day (it hovers between 27-30 pounds). I gained 50 during my pregnancy.  My weight is  still the same at almost 3 months.  Until yesterday, I’d been feeling a bit like a failure for not continuing to lose the weight as quick as I’d like. For caving and buying a new pair of larger jeans instead of squeezing into my old fat jeans. I can fit into them, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Here’s the deal. I’m eating very healthy—90% whole, unprocessed organic foods. But I don’t want to limit calories because I’m afraid that it will screw with my milk supply. And that is more important to me than being skinny. I’m sure you can do both–be skinny and breastfeed, but I’m not ready to risk it just yet.

I’m also still battling the mild prolapse feeling when I run. Or not so mild if I push it more than 2 miles at a time, since I pretty much have to do a kegel the entire time I run. I choose not to run every day because of this–I run 1-2 times a week, more for my mind than my body. I can walk without any issues, so we go for walks whenever the weather is nice, and I try to focus on squeezing movement into my day whenever I can. I will post more on increasing movement in daily life for busy moms who DON’T have an hour to spare at the gym later this week.

It’s slow going. I think I get now why they tell you to aim to only gain 25-30 pounds during pregnancy. Hindsight, schmind-sight, right? The thing is, I’m done feeling sorry the weight is coming off slower. My body just birthed a human being. It carried him for almost 10 months. It went through the most traumatic experience it’s ever had. And it deserves love, respect, gentleness and honor as I strengthen it.

My body deserves this, and my son deserves to have a mom who cares more about health than skinny jeans. He learns from me each day. Spending 5-10 minutes in meditation is more important than forcing a workout, and sleep is sacred. Because when I do more of both, I can parent from a more present place. I can prepare healthy, whole food meals that become the fuel for his growing body. I can seek to find balance in being a wife AND a mother. I can just flat out be sane!

I have my reasons for not writing lately.  But I’m not embarrassed anymore. So I will write & battle the expectations that society sets for moms. Look for posts most Mondays–random writing, Wednesdays–Wellness geared, and Fridays–baby & mothering. This week we will be traveling, so Friday we’ll be on the road.


For all that I missed in the last month of writing, here are pictures, said to be worth a thousand words:

IMG_2112IMG_2104 IMG_2005 IMG_2048IMG_1975IMG_2101IMG_2201

With Love from Colorado.


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40 Days of Gratitude, 40 Days of Health, & a Lifetime of Surrender

photo-7It’s Ash Wednesday. You won’t see me with any on my forehead. And you may or may not believe in any Christian doctrine or practices. Regardless, I think 40 days is a perfect amount of time to adapt to a new way of living.  I like ritual, when it’s practiced with earnest intention. I think Spring is a perfect time for new beginnings. I am ready to begin this journey. I don’t really have a choice.

I don’t like the idea of giving up food or drink or vice for lent, only to pick it back up in 40 days. I like the idea of letting go, but only for the sake of what can be embraced instead. When I was thinking about what I’d like to embrace, what I’d like to create more of in my life, the most prominent lesson being taught to me right now is surrender. Motherhood is handing my ass to me by 7 p.m. most days of the week. It’s dragging me through crap and vomit at 3 a.m. too. I’m not complaining. These are facts. They are beautiful facts. My child is a poo machine, and I think he’s just so stinkin’ cute! I’m glad his digestive system appears to be working beautifully. I’m grateful for my healthy guy–who is growing like a weed. Who was 12 lb 3 oz on Thursday of last week, not even 6 weeks old.

Chubby cheeksAll of these things–his growth, my lack of sleep, his spit-up, cries, schedule, poop, pee all over himself–the wall–my cheek, my weight–all of these things are things I must surrender too. There are thousands more, more moments more ways of being and growing and doing that I will surrender to throughout his life. This is the lesson Motherhood hands you. I once prayed for it–to be taught how to better surrender to life & to the present moment. Good one God. Perfect way to show me. Really, it is. I may not always be an eager student, but motherhood is the perfect way to learn surrender. All you mamas out there who can navigate each moment that comes & not move to numb it, you are the true zen masters. Screw meditating in a quiet room. If you can be peaceful, prayerful in the midst of a crying child at 4 am, you should write a book. But who has time for that? I can’t even keep up with a blog! I am definitely not Supermom. But I am becoming Surrender Mom. Not for 40 days. For life.

Thanks to Aunt Angel Martin for the great photo!

Thanks to Aunt Angel Martin for the great photo!

For 40 days, I am letting go of ingratitude and embracing the practice of daily gratitude again. I was inspired by her–though I’ve practiced gratitude before & I know it’s capacity to create happiness in my life. I am most grateful for my little family. Most ridiculously awed at how blessed I am for these two guys. And for my family not in the picture–my own mom, dad, brother & sister. My mother and father and brother and sisters in law.


The before my first postpartum run picture.

For 40 days (and more), I am embracing health & fitness. In mind. In body. And spirit. On Sunday I went for my first run since I was 6 weeks pregnant. I couldn’t run during my pregnancy, so it’s been almost a year. My lungs & legs both felt like they could take a lot more. My boobs felt like they needed another 3 sports bras. My insides felt like they were falling out. I walked more than I ran. I jogged about a mile and walked about the same. I am humbled. I am healing. And I am ready to start again.

From scratch, essentially. So scratch the idea that I’d easily be able to lace up and head out. It may take a few more weeks of core and pelvic floor strengthening before I attempt another run. It may take longer than I’d like to fit into my fat jeans. I will not give up.

For 40 days, I will continue to eat healthy & not count calories. For 40 days I will sneak in fitness and yoga and walks every chance I can get. I will do curls with the carseat up the stairs at Target. I will do sun salutations during naps. I will do planks during playtime. I will walk with my sleeping boy in the Bob every Spring-like day we get.

And sometime in the next 40 days, I will go for another run. And another one after that. I will take one step at a time. Towards health. With gratitude. And in a spirit of humble surrender.

What will you do in the next 40 days?

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One Month

weight lossAt the end of 41 weeks (and 3 days), I had gained almost 50 pounds. Far more than you are “supposed” to gain during a pregnancy, but I really don’t agree with or care what THEY say. For my thoughts on weight gain during pregnancy, go here. Anyway, after the last 4 weeks, I have about 25 pounds to lose.

It is far from my primary focus right now. I’m still recovering physically. Still navigating sleep. I’m breastfeeding on demand, & this little guy has been averaging about 2 ounces a day for weight gain! I’m squeezing in restorative yoga poses in between loads of dishes and laundry and feeding, cuddling, and changing this baby’s diapers. I’m running late on birth announcements and thank yous and blogging. Right now, I’m typing one handed and holding my sleepy little miracle. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  !!!

That said, I am anxiously waiting to be able to fit into a pair of jeans again! Right now, I’m aiming for my old “fat”jeans. The ones I wore on Thanksgiving or after treating myself to dinner. The ones in the back of my closet until my first trimester began. Those would do. I’ll tackle other pants later.

I’m also jonesing to go for a run again. We’ve had some amazing 60 degree Spring-like weather. My running shoes are sitting in the back of my closet, where I longingly dream of lacing up and heading outside.

And my goodness. Have you seen her latest blog post? 15 Ahhhmazing, healthy lunch ideas? Can someone please bring me one of these? My baby hates to be worn & I haven’t been to the grocery store in a month! My husband doesn’t know what things like sugar snap peas are, grateful as I am for his help in shopping for us!  I’m glad for all the soup I froze, quick & simple salads and smoothies, but these? A girl can dream….

It may be a while before I’m whipping up these lunches, before I’m pounding the pavement, before I squeeze into my old size. In the mean time, I take solace in knowing I’m getting decent nutrition from my quick salads loaded with fresh veggies & my JuicePlus Complete smoothies. I take solace in doing yoga in spurts–and having it readily available since yoga pants are the only ones that fit :), and I count my blessings. Each moment I get to spend with this little guy is a gift.

I already took a picture of his one month birthday at four weeks (It’s on Instagram)–but technically, one month is today since he was born on the 21st! He is just so darn precious:

A month ago today! Almost 1 monthThe day after he was born and last weekend. I’ve been so busy, I don’t really notice it from day to day, but man is this little guy growing fast.


With so much love,


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Easton Michael. A Birth Story.

IMG_1661I thought that I would wait to meet up with our doula & my husband before posting this, but I’ve decided to post away before I get even more behind. After revisiting the birth story with them, I may do a follow up post to add in what I might miss here. In the mean time, here it is in all it’s length (sorry!):

For 9 months, I had convinced myself he was coming early. He was due on January 11, but I thought for sure we’d be celebrating his birth in the first few days of the new year. On New Year’s Eve, I spent the day doing self massage on all the acupressure points–inner ankles, knees, in between thumb & forefinger. I did jin shin jitsu flows (like acupuncture without the needles), courtesy my friend Becca’s instructions. I ate loads of pineapple, went for a 4 mile walk, danced & had a little spicier of a dinner. All of this only resulted in a tummy ache. No regular contractions, just the same mild period like cramping I had been feeling for days.

After New Year’s Eve, I relaxed about him getting here early. For a bit. Then I got restless and anxious again. I packed the hospital bags. I repacked them. I washed baby clothes. I re-arranged the nursery. I cleaned. I walked and walked more. I checked out book after book from the library. And then I did the massage, jin shin jitsu, pineapple stuff again. Another tummy ache. A few more nights of contractions.

After the 11th came and went, I scheduled acupuncture and started taking evening primrose oil per my midwife’s advice. I was only 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced a few days before the 11th. Five days after, I was in the same place. I went to acupuncture again & started getting regular contractions the next night, but not strong enough to do anything about it, and they went away when I went to sleep. A few days later, I went to another check-up, had my membranes swept, went to acupuncture again, and waited for the contractions. They again came and went in the night. I was starting to get nervous.

Until Monday night–January 20th. I had gone for another 4 mile walk that day & went again with my husband when he got home from work. We had dinner & watched Friends. The contractions started again, & they were a little stronger. After a few hours, we were tracking them regularly at 4 minutes apart. In our Bradley classes, we had discussed going to the hospital when they were 4 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute for an hour. We had also discussed that I would start to be non-responsive & that’s when my husband would know it was time to go to the hospital. I remember thinking–what do we do? What if my tolerance for pain (something I have always prided myself on as someone who used to run 5 miles everyday in the dead heat of summer), is higher than other people’s? What if I never feel the terrible contractions that everyone describes?
I called our doula, we called the midwives, we labored at home. Until around midnight or 1ish? I hadn’t felt him move for an hour & panicked.

We called the midwife again, and she told us to come to the hospital so we could monitor him. We checked in, did a non-stress test, and she checked me. I was still only 1 cm & 75% effaced. He was fine. She told us, we can admit you now & see how things go, but I’d encourage you to go home. If you stay, you may get pressured into a labor you aren’t comfortable with–pitocin will likely be offered to get things going. So, we went home. She sent me home with 2 ambien so I could get some sleep for the labor she was sure was coming. I hesitated to take them, took half a dose around 3 when we got home, and woke up around 6 am to VERY strong contractions. I wasn’t hungry, but thought it would be a good idea to eat something, so I choked down about a half a cup of yogurt and a half a banana. Within an hour my contractions grew stronger. I could no longer talk through them. We called our doula. I called the midwives, and we labored at home.

The contractions became so strong, I could only handle them on my knees. Our doula put a pad under my knees and got a bowl form the kitchen since I said I thought I might throw up. I labored this way until contractions were about 3 and a half minutes apart, and we decided to go to the hospital–a 20-30 minute drive. I rode in the back seat, still on all fours bearing down with each contraction. We checked into the hospital & on the way in, I remember dropping to my knees in the waiting room on the way in–hit by the strongest contraction yet. It was much more intense than a heavy period cramp. Much, much more.
However, when our midwife checked me, I was still only 1 cm & 75% effaced. After hearing this, I started half crying in between contractions, my morale sinking. I was so frustrated.

Getting an IV port while laboring in the tub.

Getting an IV port while laboring in the tub.

Our doula ran a bath for me in the hospital jacuzzi tub. In our birth classes, we had been told that during labor, we would lose all sense of modesty, and I remember thinking–well, that won’t happen to me. I had a cute outfit picked out for labor & planned on wearing it & keeping my sports bra on during the bath. Nope–big as a house, I stripped down & sank into the warm, soothing water. I began to relax a little more through contractions. When the next midwife came on shift (the practice we went to has 3 midwives that we see), she checked me & I was still the same. She said she had seen this happen in a labor with first time moms before and did something that felt like a membrane sweep again & all of the sudden I was 5 cm. I breathed a sigh of relief–again in between contractions, and decided to get out of the tub since the water was getting cold.

Labor continued. I braced for each contraction, using my breath to relax as much as I could. I was getting tired and weak though after hours of laboring without food. Aaron & our doula tried to coax me to eat something, but I thought I’d puke. I sipped coconut water and had some honey sticks when I could. I got in and out of the tub–to labor & out to monitor me and baby. The hours passed without any real sense of time–for me. I noticed it had grown dark outside the window, and was told at some point later that I was 8 cm. The more tired I got, the worse I handled the contractions. The worse my breathing became. The more I panicked. I stalled at 8 cm for a few hours, panicking, breathing shallowly, exhausted and ready to give up. I asked for an epidural. I didn’t know how long I had labored, but it was something like 22 hours.

The midwife suggested we try Fentanyl instead since it was less invasive and didn’t last as long. At this point, I just wanted the epidural, but with the coaching of our midwife, doula and my husband, I agreed to take it. I didn’t remember this afterwards, because it did nothing for the pain. I was still panicked, still not breathing well, still just too exhausted to labor well–to labor with the strength needed to have a natural birth. An hour went by? I wanted the epidural. And got it.  (About 24 hours into the labor)

Post Epidural Sleep

Post Epidural Sleep

Within 20 minutes, I was out. I felt the contractions, but they weren’t as painful. And I slept for a couple of hours through my contractions. when I woke up, our midwife checked me again, and it was time to push. We did a few practice pushes on my right side, but Easton’s heart rate dropped to the 60s. I could feel the panic in the room as our midwife pushed him back in and told me to stop pushing. They put in the continuous fetal monitor (again, I had no idea that this had happened because I was so exhausted & out of it). After his heart rate returned to normal, I was told to turn to my left side & try pushing again. This time his heart rate stayed steady. I should also note here that he was face up–which was making labor & delivery that much more difficult. Our midwife reached in and tried to turn him while our doula pushed on my belly from the outside, but he wouldn’t budge. After an hour of no real progress pushing on my side, I asked if I could squat. She wasn’t sure I’d be able to since I’d had the epidural, but at this point I felt it had worn off because I was feeling the contractions fairly strong again. I squatted & pushed without progress. After half an hour, I was too tired and laid on my side again.

Sensing my exhaustion, our midwife called in a doctor who was skilled in forceps delivery. She told my husband and doula that I was probably going to need some help. At this point, I agreed. Get him in here, I thought, I don’t know if I can take this. I remember thinking I was going to have a c-section because I just couldn’t push anymore. I didn’t think I had the strength.

The doctor finally came, & helped me deliver Easton with the forceps.  It was the most painful thing I have ever felt. I swear the epidural was competely gone by then. My husband told me that the doctor (a man taller than him at 6’1″) was using enough force and leverage with the forceps that he was shaking. I couldn’t see it, but it felt like I was being split in two, & I was so worried that our baby would be hurt in the process.  I was also told later that I pushed for 30 minutes during this process. I was also told later that he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his leg twice. Poor little guy!

After our hour and a half of skin to skin & eye gazing

After our hour and a half of skin to skin & eye gazing

Then, in a flash he was out. A cry sounded out & this little warm being was placed on my belly. I was so relieved but too tired to cry. A rush of love and amazement passed through me that I was too exhausted to comprehend. We moved Easton up to my chest & we gazed into each other’s eyes as the doctor stitched me from where I had torn & where he had given me an episiotomy. Even after the traumatic and intense birth, he was so alert. So beautiful.

I have never known love like this. For my son or for my husband. I’m constantly crying with worry and gratitude–and I know some of it is post partum hormones, but so much of it is love. Love and gratitude. Gratitude for the support my husband provided during labor & the strength he gives me now. Gratitude for the new life that’s with us. And love. For it all. This beautiful, amazing life.

Daddy gazing in amazement

Daddy gazing in amazement

Our birth didn’t go at all like we had planned.  It wasn’t the natural, beautiful labor I imagined. I didn’t wear my perfect labor outfit. I didn’t labor at home for as long as I should have maybe. I didn’t stay strong enough to stay medication free. I don’t want to feel guilt about any of it. Because isn’t that life? Life doesn’t always go the way we plan, it goes the way it does & we have to adapt to it. Maybe I could have adapted better. Acted with more strength. Maybe not.  It went the way it did.  I did the best I could. And most of all, he’s here.

Look of a new mom. Proud, sleep deprived, and maybe showered 2 days ago.

Look of a new mom. Proud, sleep deprived, and maybe showered 2 days ago.

He’s here. My beautiful baby boy. My 8 lb. 1.2 oz, 20.75 inch long, 15 inch headed boy. Well, at birth anyway. He’s bigger now. I’ll catch up one of these days.

With Love & Gratitude,



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He’s Here!

21-21-IMG_9412We are happy to announce our precious little man has arrived! Easton was born on January 21st at 10:51 p.m. after a long, 28 hour labor. He was 8 lbs 1.9 oz, 20.75 inches long, and had a 15 inch head!

I’ll be back later this week after we meet up with our doula to share the birth story. I was in a different zone during a lot of the labor, & to make sure I get details right, I want to have her and my husband remind me of details that I might leave out.

In the mean time, I’ll be breastfeeding around the clock, gazing into his gorgeous eyes, smelling his head, kissing his feet, and doing my best to try and sleep 3 hours in a 24 hour period. We’ve definitely been in survival mode a bit around here, and I am still healing from labor (which unfortunately ended in a forceps delivery, but luckily the doctor our midwife called in was very skilled).

Also in the meantime, here are some pictures of this little guy:


Happiness looks like this. Sleep deprivation too :)


With Lots of Love,


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Eat More Green Things.

Nope. No baby yet. I am still enormously pregnant and growing ever impatient. I’d post a pic, but really–do you need a picture of a sad, pregnant lady?

Instead, here is something I saw on Instagram today:

599272_10152418902813475_1107798662_nAnd it made me laugh. Until I started to think. Because I have spent my fair share of time eating things because something was eating at me. Bothered by the rudeness of a coworker? A handful of M & Ms might make life sweeter. Frustrated by gnawing fears? Some sweet Starbucks treat to wash it down with might help. When life looks sour, I’ve sought sweet in the form of food. Did it solve the sadness? No.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what’s on my plate. With the holidays, there’s been a decent helping of sweet, starchy, gluteny “goodness.” With the holidays behind us, there’s also been a decent helping of stress.  For many of us, this day is the reality gut check. It’s the first full week of the New Year. The first time we really dig into our resolve to follow through with those resolutions made on the tail of holiday highs. The first Monday many go back to work. And though I didn’t go “back to work,” I did get back to business. I checked our checking account post holiday. Not fun. I cleaned and did household chores. Yipee. I could go on, but you all know. You have your own blahs to grumble about.

And while I’m not against treating yourself every now and then, I promise, a cupcake won’t make it better. Not really. Not in the end. You’ll just have a sugar hangover to deal with later. Food affects mood. Let me say that again just in case you haven’t thought about it in a while: FOOD affects MOOD. Sugar will only give you a sweet buzz before it ultimately gives you the blues.

Want to beat the blues? Eat more green things:

Today's Lunch.I <3 Bok Choy. This was lunch today. Barely steamed Bok Choy & a little shelled edamame with fresh grated ginger, minced garlic, the juice of one lime, Bragg’s Liquid aminos, Sriracha, sesame seeds & hemp hearts. Tasty.

Kermit was wrong, sometimes it IS easy being green. And even when it’s not, eating more green things is worth it! Why? When you eat more green things, you will naturally crowd out the things you are eating that aren’t as healthy. Your taste buds will adapt and change. Nutritionally speaking, greens are loaded with calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, zinc and vitamins A, C, E and K. They are crammed with fiber, folic acid, chlorophyll and many other micronutrients and phytochemicals!

What do all those things do? Try these benefits:

  • Blood purification
  • Cancer prevention
  • Improved circulation
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Promotion of healthy intestinal flora
  • Lifted spirit and elimination of depression
  • Improved liver, gall bladder and kidney function
  • Cleared congestion, especially in lungs by reducing mucus

Will these things make you happy? In the long run, it’s likely. In addition to these benefits, traditional wisdom offers these tips: In Asian medicine, green is related to the liver, emotional stability and creativity. In Ayurveda, the color green is related to unconditional love and healing–at least as it relates to the chakras. But I’d say eating more green things does provide healing from the inside out. In Ayurveda, there is also the mantra that what we eat becomes the very cells in our bodies, and our bodies are far more intimately connected to our minds than we often stop to realize.

In my world, where there is health, there is happiness. So, on this possibly sour day, I’m taking time to really look at what’s on my plate. Yes, I’m a little restless waiting for the baby. Yes, there are worries and questions about what’s next, about motherhood, about bills, about my future, about how to contribute to my house and to the world. I’m taking time to note that sugar won’t solve those riddles. I’m taking time to be present to what is, and to really ask, what is it that I am truly HUNGRY for?

Health, happiness, green things, a baby in my arms, long runs, yoga in the morning, a strong body, an open mind, a wise and brave and beautiful heart.

What are you truly HUNGRY for? Will a cupcake satiate that desire?

With Love from Colorado,




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